You don’t know what lurks inside your rug’s fibers and if you did, it may scare you. That is why you should call the pros at Rug Cleaning Pelham today. We offer the best rug cleaning services to ensure your rug is odorless, spotless, and as clean as can be. We are your number one source for all rug and carpet cleaning needs in the Pelham area. We will work closely with you to ensure that your rugs are left clean and spotless.

Our team of experts handle your rug as if it is their own. We have trained our rug cleaners on the proper care for each type of rug, so you have nothing to worry about. We will even come out to your home and provide you with a free quote, pickup, and delivery of your cleaned rug. If you would like to have your rug or carpet cleaned, repaired, or restored, call today at914-461-1937.

Your rug can last a lifetime if it is taken care of properly and with the help of our team, you and the generations after you will have a beautiful rug on hand.

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What we do

Our Premium Services

We offer several beneficial services that work together to make sure your rug is properly cleaned and maintained. Whether you have a family heirloom on your hands or an expensive investment, we will treat it right.

Rug Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning of your rug is vital, and it helps to keep it free from pollen, allergens, pet dander, and dirt. Keeping your rug as clean as possible will result in a beautiful rug that lasts for many years. In case you didn’t know, a rug that is well maintained can last more than 150 years.

Rug Repair Services

If your rug has a hole, frayed edges, or has been damaged by water, now is the time to call us. We offer several rug repair services that can give your rug the facelift it needs.

We fix:
  • Frayed and ripped edges
  • Water damage
  • Rippling
  • Burns
  • Curling of the corners
  • Fuzzing and shredding
  • Stains and spots

Rug Restoration Services

Your rug is important to you and therefore important to us. Whether pet odors, smoke, or faded colors have caused your rug some damage, we are here to breathe life back into it.

We restore:
  • Faded colors
  • Insect and moth damage
  • Hems
  • Fringe work
  • Holes and tears

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Faded or worn-down furniture? If you are ashamed of the way your furniture’s upholstery looks, it may be time to have it cleaned. We offer affordable upholstery cleaning that tackles damage, odors, and stains on your favorite couch, chair, ottoman, and more. Call us today

Types of Rugs We Service in Pelham

We specialize in the restoration, cleaning, and repair of the following rugs:


Deciding to have your rug cleaned is only half the battle. You need to choose a quality company that is experienced and knows how to handle delicate rugs. The company you choose should be able to properly and affordably clean and delivery your rug to you without any hiccups in the road.

Trusting our team at Elite Rug Care is easy and customers choose us because:
  • Fast and professional
    rug cleaning services

  • Decades of experience

  • Free pickup
    and delivery

  • Worry-free pricing
    on all our services

  • Large, clean, and state
    of the art facility to clean your rugs

  • Risk-free guarantee

  • Certified rug specialists
    and repair professionals

  • Use premium products and solutions
    safe for your delicate rugs

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Your rug’s appearance matters and if your rug has holes, tears, and missing fringe, well, you may not be happy with it. Our team of experts offer a wide range of services designed to repair and restore your rug in a timely manner.At Elite Rug Care of Pelham, we offer you the best and most affordable rug repairs and restoration services.

Each one of our team members will inspect your rug and handle it with care from start to finish. No matter the type of repair or restoration you need done, we can do it. If you would like to schedule an appointment, call us today at 914-461-1937.. From breathing life back into faded colors to re-attaching your fringe or re-stitching the weave, we are here to ensure your rug will last for generations.

How It Works

Rug cleaning is easy and simple when you choose us!

Step 1

Call today to receive a free estimate and to schedule pickup services

We will send an experienced rug cleaning specialist out to your home to inspect your rug. They will provide you with an inspection report and free estimate to have cleaning, repairs, and restoration provided. If you choose to have your rug cleaned or repaired, we will pick it up and bring it to our facility.

Step 2

Rug cleaning, repairs, and restorations are performed in our facility

We use only the best solutions and products on your rugs. In fact, all products are designed to provide a fresh clean without the harmful effects of some products on the market. Each rug is handwashed in our state-of-the-art facility and any repairs or restorations will be performed prior to the washing of your rug.

Step 3

Free delivery of your cleaned rug to your home or location

Once the cleaning, repairs, and restorations are done, we will deliver your rug to your home or location.


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