Bacteria, allergens, and dirt can hide within your rug and if you have noticed that your rug smells off or it looks dingy, it may be time for you to have it cleaned. We offer you the cheapest and best rug cleaning services in Peekskill and your rug will be left spotless, odorless, and vibrant. Our goal is to preserve your rug’s quality, beauty, and value at the same time.

Our rug specialists know how to handle your rugs properly and we take the time to transport them to our facility in the safest manner. If you would like to have your rugs cleaned, call us today at 914-461-1961 . We will come out to your home to provide you with a free estimate and complimentary consultation.

When you have your rug cleaned by our professionals, you will be happy to know that each rug is hand washed. We never place the rugs through a machine and we spend time hand cleaning each one to ensure the best results and to protect the delicate nature of the rug. Our professionals will perform any needed tests on your rug to check for dye or color bleeding too. Our mission is to deliver a superior clean and preserve your rug for many years to come.

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What we do

Our Premium Services

We provide you with several rug cleaning services that ensure your rug is free from any spots, stains, and odors. Our team handles your rug with the utmost care and whether it is an heirloom or an investment, you have nothing to worry about when you work with us.

Rug Cleaning Services

Choosing to have your rug cleaned by a professional is one of the best ways to ensure it stays in its best condition and lasts for many years to come. A professional cleaning can remove any dirt, bacteria, and allergens that are trapped in your rug too.

Rug Repair Services

If your rug has been damaged due to water or fire, it has taken on some serious stains, or it has been ripped near the fringe, we are able to repair it for you. We offer several rug repair services and each one ensures that your rug’s value does not decrease and that you can enjoy a beautiful piece in your home.

We fix:
  • Burns or water damage
  • Rippling
  • Stains and spots
  • Frayed edges and rips
  • Curling of the corners
  • Shredding and fuzzing

Rug Restoration Services

Your rug is an expensive investment and you do not want to find that it is ruined due to smoke, pet stains, or odors. To ensure this does not happen, we provide you with several rug restoration options to keep your rug in the best condition of its life.

We restore:
  • Holes and tears in the rug
  • Fringe work or replacement
  • Faded colors
  • Hems
  • Insect or moth damage

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Is your favorite chair cushion ruined, stained, or worn down? If so, it is time for you to reach out to our upholstery cleaning team today. Our cleaning services will remove stains and odors from your favorite furniture to include couches, ottomans, patio furniture, and more.

Types of Rugs We Service in Peekskill

We specialize in providing services for all types of rugs to include:


Deciding to have your rug cleaned is only half the battle you must face. In fact, you will need to choose a company that is experienced and able to handle your rugs for you. The company you choose should be able to affordably clean your rug in their facility and deliver it back to you upon completion.

The team at Elite Rug Care of Peekskill is easy to work with and here is why:
  • Use of the highest-quality
    products and solutions on the market

  • Decades of experience
    in proper rug care and handling

  • Risk-free guarantee

  • Worry-free pricing on all
    services offered

  • Free pickup and delivery

  • Top-notch service facility
    where your rug is cleaned and dried

  • Professional and affordable rug cleaning services

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Your rug adds a new dimension to your home and it is a statement piece that you love to show off. Whether you purchased it, or it was handed down to you, you want to make sure it is free from damage and other issues that can detract from its aesthetic appearance and value. At Elite Rug Care of Peekskill, we provide you with cheap, fast, and convenient rug repairs and restorations to ensure your rug will last for many years to come.

When you entrust our team with your rug, you will know that it is in good hands and you will have the peace of mind you need knowing that our employees and company are fully licensed. No matter the type of repair or restoration you need done, we can make it happen. To schedule a complimentary consultation today, call us at 914-461-1961.

Our repairs and restorations help breathe life back into your delicate rug and our experts have the experience needed to make your rug look brand new once again.

How It Works

Getting your rugs cleaned by our pros is hassle free and simple!

Step 1

Call today to book a free consultation

Our certified rug specialists will come out to your home and provide you with a complimentary in-home consultation. We will let you know what repairs we think may be needed and the type of cleaning. You will receive a free estimate and if you choose to have your rug cleaned by our team, we will properly transport it to our facility.

Step 2

Rug repairs and cleaning services are performed

We utilize only the best products to handwash your rug and you will have the peace of mind you need knowing that our products are nontoxic and ecofriendly. Any repairs that may be needed will be performed prior to the rug being cleaned.

Step 3

Final inspection and delivery of your rug

Once your rug has been repaired and cleaned, it will need to pass our inspection process to ensure it is clean, stain free, and odorless. After the final inspection, your rug will be delivered to your home.


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