How We Work on Your Carpets

When it comes down to it, providing impeccable rug cleaning services comes down to a few simple things. You want a fair and honest price, a perfectly cleaned carpet, clear communication, and to know that your space is always in good hands. By focusing on doing all the little things right, we’ve built a reputation as the best carpet cleaners in New City!

With more than 15 years’ experience delivering spotless carpet and upholstery repairs throughout New City our skilled technicians have made a reputation for excellence. We work fast, respect your property, and keep you in communication every step of the way.

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Rug Cleaning

Carpet Restorations and Repairs

Don’t discard a timeless rug or expensive carpet because of stains or damage. We can repair it for a cheap and affordable price!

Rug and Carpet Cleaning Needs

Any stain, and damage, and need, we’re here to help New City make their carpets look brand new every time!

Upholstery Repair and Cleaning

Our experts also tackle all sorts of upholstery repairs and cleaning needs. We can clean and repair far more than rugs!

Commercial Carpets and Rugs

We work with businesses all over New City to keep your commercial carpets and upholstery clean on a one-off or ongoing basis.

Types of Rugs We Clean

No matter what your rug need, we’ve got you covered. We can clean:

Why Choose Our West Nyack Carpet Experts?

  • We Respect Your Home
    When a cleaning crew leaves your home, you should never see any signs they were there besides a clean carpet! We work clean and careful.

  • We Work Quickly
    Stop waiting around for a slow or late arriving crew. We show up on time and waste no time cleaning your New City rugs!

  • We’ve Seen it All Before
    In 15+ years performing cleaning service in New City, we’ve encountered every manner of stain, tear, or tarnish. We can fix them all!

  • We’re Honest and Direct
    We’ll give you a fair low price and stick to it no matter what! We’ll never add hidden fees, change our scope, or keep you in the dark about our services.

How It Works

Get your rugs cleaned by us in just three easy steps!

Step 1

Get a Free Quote

We’ll evaluate your needs and give you a fair and honest price up front for free.

Step 2

Schedule a Cleaning

We work with your schedule to set up a convenient cleaning appointment that works for you.

Step 3

Get Your Rug Cleaned

Our team will provide unmatched service for your carpet cleaning or upholstery job in Lewisboro.

Step 4

Get Ongoing Support from Our Team

We’ll stay in close contact to make sure you are satisfied and prepped for long-term rug care needs.


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