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Carpet Cleaning Strategy

When we come out to your home or business we will bring everything that is needed to get the job done. This includes high quality commercial grade equipment, the best environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market today, and of course, our experienced team of cleaners. Our team will arrive ready to get to work right away. They are trained to follow a proven strategy for cleaning carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

First, they will evaluate what all needs to be cleaned. This will help them to determine what type of cleaning products and equipment should be used. They will then go through and carefully clean every inch of your carpets, rugs, and upholstery to ensure it looks its best. When done, we’ll inspect the entire area to ensure nothing was missed or no stains were revealed. Finally, we’ll have you take a look to approve the job. While it may seem simple, it is a proven way to ensure every customer is happy with the results they receive.

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Precise Carpet and Rug Repair

While dirty carpets and rugs are certainly a problem that we will deal with, there are other things that can cause your floor coverings to look bad. Specifically, tears and snags can really cause a lot of problems. Just because your rugs are frayed or damaged, however, doesn’t mean that you need to replace them. We have an experienced repair team that will help restore your rugs to their former glory. To get this done we perform the following tasks:

Match the Material

We use the same materials as your carpets to ensure they look and feel the same.

Match the Colors

We will dye the materials we use to match the surrounding area perfectly. This will help hide the repair so you can’t even see it.

Careful Weaving

Repairing any type of rug or carpet is a precise job that needs to be handled with care. Our team will take the time needed to ensure the new fibers are weaved in perfectly.


When done with your repair, we’ll inspect the area both up close, and from a distance, to ensure it looks right.

On Site Rug Cleaning or Pick Up and Delivery

Another great thing that we offer that other rug cleaning services don’t is the option to either have us come to your location to perform the cleaning, or our pick up and delivery services. If you have a rug that needs cleaning we will be happy to come out, load it up into our truck, and bring it back to our facility. This will allow us to properly clean the rug, let it completely dry out, and inspect it for any issues. Once done, we’ll bring the rug back to you and place it back in place so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You won’t find a more convenient option when it comes to rug cleaning and restoration.

We Work on All Rug Types

This pickup and delivery service is available for all types of area rugs. With so many different types of rugs to choose from, it is important to be able to find a cleaning company that knows what approach to take for each one. When we clean rugs, we will pick the right products and cleaning style based on what type of rug you have. We clean all types of area rugs including:

No matter what type of rug you own, we can get it properly cleaned and looking its best. To get your rug cleaning and restoration completed, please give us a call at 201-402-2839.

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