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EXPERTS Our talented rug and upholstery professionals in Briarcliff Manor provide their unique expertise to ensure quality cleaning, repair, and restoration services.

EXPERIENCE Our Briarcliff Manor professionals bring decades of experience to the company providing our clients with assurances and risk-free guarantees on their products.

EXPECTATION Exceeding your expectation is our expectation as a company from providing stellar customer service to top-notch product handling.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Rug Cleaning

Our hand washing experts will individually address any stain or spot on your carpet or rug to ensure a high quality and deep clean.

Rug Repair

Don’t let frayed edges or loose thread make you consider a replacement. Our team of experts can perform simple to complex repair work making your rug like new again.

Rug Restoration

Rug restoration is a delicate process that requires expertise and an advanced knowledge of rug types and materials. Our professionals will expertly evaluate and customize a restoration plan for your rug.

Upholstery Care.

It is easy to forget about upholstery care and upkeep. Carpets and rugs are walked on and may take the brunt of stains or wear-and-tear, but upholstery is often worn down, dusty, and in need of a cleaning too. Our team can provide a necessary surface clean or deep clean to help keep your upholstery looking and feeling new longer.

Types of Rugs We Clean

Oriental Rugs

Often made using silk, wool, or cotton, oriental rugs are typically made for symbolic or utilitarian purposes representing their area of origin – Northern Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, and Northern India

Persian Rugs

Produced in Iran, this specific variety of oriental rugs is known for its elaborate designs often depicting historic Iranian events, places, and people.

Wool Rugs

These hand woven rugs are intricately designed with beautiful patterns or floral designs using soft and luxurious wool are often flame resistant and have a lifespan of 50 years or more.

Antique Rugs

These high-value vintage rugs, of all varieties, have typically been professionally appraised to provide context on their value and require expertise and certified contractors to handle any and all cleaning, repair, or restoration needs.

All Other Rugs

Our team works with full-floor carpets to small area rugs to hung tapestries to ensure upkeep and care. The team also provides emergency services for need-to-handle situations that may occur.

Silk Rugs

Often a characteristic of oriental rugs, specifically Persian, silk rugs are not mass produced and frequently imitated with less desired products like cotton and rayon to reduce cost.

How It Works

Get your rugs cleaned by us in just three easy steps!

Step 1

FREE Consultation. FREE Estimate. FREE Pickup.

One of our Briarcliff Manor rug and upholstery professionals will come to your home or place of business to provide a FREE consultation and FREE estimate with a recommended cleaning, repair, or restoration service plan for your rug or upholstery. From there, if you choose to move forward with our services, we will arrange a FREE pickup to begin servicing your rug or upholstery

Step 2

Cleaning. Repair. Restoration.

Using non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products, our team of experts handles each rug and upholstery individually ensuring the service plan exceeds our standards. All rugs and upholsteries are hand-washed by our professionals while our team of experts also address any repair and restoration needs.

Step 3

Final Inspection. FREE Delivery.

Each product is thoroughly inspected to meet our rigorous standards for attention to detail, expert care and precision. Once approved and completed, our customer service team will schedule the FREE delivery to your home or place of business.


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