Rug Water Damage Restoration

Rug Water Damage Restoration

Don’t let water damage wreak havoc on the rug that you love. Turn to Elite Rug Cleaning so that we can take the appropriate action to reverse the damage that has occurred. Because of our fast response time and deep insights, we are in a favorable position to deliver the results you desire to see.


Let’s Work Together to Save Your Rug


After a flood or a terrible leak, time is of the essence. The sooner corrective steps are taken, the more salvageable your rug will be. You can help your situation by remaining calm and removing everything off your rug. Don’t attempt to suck up the excess water with your vacuum. Also, don’t turn on the air conditioning system in an effort to dry the rug fast. 


Contaminants in the water will spread much faster with the cool air blowing. The best plan of action for any homeowner is to contact a company that specializes in rug water damage restoration NYC. This is where we come in.


At Elite Rug Care, we aim to do high-quality work not only because it’s our job to provide you with excellent service but also because we know your family’s health is on the line. The smallest leaks can give rise to mold and mildew problems. Additionally, the high moisture level will negatively affect the walls and the floorboards beneath your rug. If this happens, you will have to deal with another set of costly repairs.


Every Step Counts


After years of repairing rugs, we know for a fact that every step in the restoration process is conducive to our biggest goal. Whether you paid hundreds of dollars for your rug or you received it as a gift, it’s yours to keep. That’s why we will stop at nothing to put the woven piece in a much better condition. Since we want to be on the same page with you, we will tell you about our findings and best solutions. This will be the perfect time for you to ask us questions. 


Without hesitation, we will give you our honest answers and pertinent advice. Are you convinced that you will benefit from our rug water damage restoration service? We want to start the process as soon as possible. Call Elite Rug Care today so that we can give you an estimate. You are one step away from getting the reliable assistance that you require.

Elite Rug Care: Rug Water Damage Restoration in New York

What if the rug can’t be repaired or isn’t worth the cost?

Before we take action on your antique rug, we provide you with an estimate for the restoration and repair. We give you a detailed explanation of service by our professional restore and repair team. Be assured that we will indicate if we feel that investing a certain amount into restoring your antique is worth while from a financial standpoint. We completely understand that your antique rug may have a sentimental value which money can’t buy. While some area rugs may not justify the restoration cost, if you wish to move forward with it, we will take on any restoration and repair project.

Are antique rugs with wool foundations more susceptible to moth damage?

Unfortunately, yes, they are. Antique rugs with cotton foundations are less susceptible to to have moth damage that those with wool foundations. Moths, as well at other kinds of insects, generally prefer animal fibers like wool to vegetable fibers like cotton. If you have antique cotton rugs and you see holes, those are more likely to have been the result of improper care or use. However, both cases are repairable and the foundation will probably need to be rebuilt if the hole is extensive.